Failed to instantiate the file. Specified list does not exist.

If you have created a module for deploying ASPX pages to the Pages library in your SharePoint site, you may get the below error while trying to manually activate the feature that contains the module.


“Failed to instantiate file “abcd.aspx” from module “Pages”: The specified list does not exist.

This error mostly occurs in the non-English language sites. The reason could be that the URL of the “Pages” library would contain the language specific names like “Pagine”, “Paginas”, and etc. based on the respective language. This happens in spite of retrieving the URL value from the resource files in your module as shown below:


This could be a SharePoint bug.

The solution is to deploy through VS or activate the feature through PowerShell command:

Enable-SPFeature -identity “Feature folder name” -URL SiteURL

Hope this has helped you.


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