Maximum before and after current page properties in SharePoint 2013 search

If you have used or worked with SharePoint search, you must have come across the pagination control that appears in the bottom of the search results web part in the search results page.


This control came as a separate web part in SP 2010 where we had the below 2 properties in the tool pane that can be set to show the maximum no. of page links to be shown before the current page and the maximum no. of links to be shown after the current page.


Whereas in SP 2013 the pagination has become a part of the core search results web part itself and is being created in the control template of the web part (more on that later). And the above 2 properties of the pagination are not seen in the tool pane of the search results web part which came as a surprise to me.

Later, to my surprise when I exported the search results web part I was able to see the 2 properties in the .webpart file as shown below:


Setting the properties in the .webpart file and importing it back to SharePoint made the necessary changes in the pagination reflecting. Hope you find it useful.