Permission restricting options for SharePoint list views

I had an opportunity to work on restricting access to the users on a SharePoint list view which had let me to explore all possible ways to achieve it. First and foremost I would like to say that column level permission is not possible in SharePoint which was initially rumoured to have come as a new feature in SharePoint 2010 and later removed due to performance issues. So that tells us that view level permission in SharePoint is not possible too.

So, let us look at some ways to restrict access to the users on views in a SharePoint list:

  • Private and Public views:

When a user is creating a view, he can select if the view can be viewed by everyone or only by himself by selecting either Public View or Private View as shown below:

Private view

The disadvantage of this is that obviously not more than one user can share the view.

So is there anyway to overcome this disadvantage? Look at the next point to know.

  • List web part added in a Web part page:

Well if you want to create a View for which access has to be given to more than one user, it cannot be achieved through creating views or through list settings. But there is an alternate way to achieve this by adding the List View Web Part to a web part page, and then assigning permission to that web part page. Below are the steps to achieve this:

  1. Create a Web part page.
  2. Edit the page and then add the web part of your list.
  3. Edit the web part and click on Edit the current view as shown below:Edit view
  4. Now configure the view as per your requirement, click OK and click Stop Editing the page.
  5. We have now configured a List View web part. We need to give access only to certain users. To do this we need to restrict access to the web part page in which the web part is added.
  6. Click on the page tab from the top to open the page ribbon controls as shown below:Page ribbon
  7. Click on Permission and then select Stop Inheriting Permission in order to give unique permission to the web part page.
  8. Now, remove the users who should not have access and grant permission to the users who need access.Thus we have restricted the access to a list view web part through a web part page.These are the 2 ways restrict access on a list view. Will update if I find more.