Windows Phone 7 development !

I have started learning WP7 application development as I have experience in Silverlight development. This is the first time I’m learning about Mobile applications development. To be honest it is really interesting to learn about mobile application platform. But, I’m little bit worried about WP7 application development as it is yet to reach the market as that of iPhone and Android.

The History of Microsoft’s mobile OS releases also raises questions. But I read everywhere that Microsoft is in the right direction this time with WP7 which supports Silverlight and XNA. I have been following few blogs that has really nice articles on WP7 development.

1. 31 Days with WP7 – A Collection of Windows Phone 7 (Mango) Tutorials You Must Read
6. 31 Days of Windows Phone
7. WP7 Stock Quoting Demo Series
8. Windows Phone 7 Geek articles/
9. Microsoft Feed WP7 articles
10. 30+ Excellent Windows Phone 7 Development Tutorials
11. Rudi Grobler
12. igrali/
13. debug mode……

Hope they are useful to anyone who wants get in to Windows Phone 7 development.


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